The Anxiety Shift: Gut Rehab 

Struggling to Beat your Anxiety? Treat the Body as Well as the Mind

tackle the causes of your anxiety that nobody talks about:


  • The different ways that your own body can keep your mind in an anxious state
  • How you can be kinder to your gut and ease the anxiety it causes by adding and avoiding certain foods and drinks in your general day-to-day diet
  • A simple 3-step system for rehabilitating your gut and setting it back into its natural state, which will help put your whole body, your immune system, and of course your mind, back the way it should be, and switch off the excessive fight or flight chemicals and your over-active anxiety.

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About the Author: Neil Gabriel

Neil is a physics teacher from the UK but living in Bangkok, who suffered from both IBS and anxiety and noticed a connection between the two and started to research. He has been researching anxiety for the past three years, has a popular anxiety Facebook page with over 20,000 readers, and is working on his third book. The Anxiety Shift: Gut Rehab was his first book and is the link that  he researched between the gut and anxiety. The system that is in this book is the system that Neil used to banish most of his anxiety from his own life and is an excellent tool for dampening those heightened anxious feelings.

Tackle the Mind as Well as The Body for a Full Holistic Approach To Beating Your Anxiety

Don't leave any stone unturned...

Once you have healed your gut and switched off the overactive parts within it that were generating the anxiety chemicals, it is time to look at the way you think. You see when your body is in a state of anxiety for any length of time, your brain is used to being in a threat mode and thinking negatively for self-protection. This can result in negative self-beliefs and thoughts being created and buried within your brain ready to "help" protect you from threats and dangers that have been submitted to memory. Threats and dangers that are of course everyday places and situations that your brain recognises have "caused" anxiety before in the past. This means, that even though your body might be fixed, your brain still remembers your anxiety and still associates it with your life.

In this book then, I will show you how you can use some simple CBT style techniques to change the way you think and swap all of those habitual negative thoughts and beliefs for more appropriate ones.

Why Wait? Get the book now (from Amazon):